Bulk Possibilities

I love bulk food stores. They always overwhelm me. There are so many things to put in bags, so many snacks to be had, and so many possible combinations. Watching other people shop at bulk food stores can be highly entertaining. People are on personal journeys trying to decide what and how they want to eat. Looks of agony disturb their faces as they hold up bags of god knows what at eye level and try to assess if it’s enough, will I eat it? How much am I  spending? No trip to the bulk store is complete unless you  retrace your steps minimum three times and debate buying a dozen more items. I never go with a list or a plan and I never complete an order without returning home and lamenting something I didn’t buy. I try to buy whatever inspires me and often buy really weird stuff.

About three months ago I bought chickpea flour. Why not? I had never heard of the stuff and wondered how it could be used. I figured Google could provide endless recipes and possibilities. And it did. The recipes that I found are mostly for people who can’t eat gluten. Chickpea flour, it turns out, is a good substitute for other flours that have wheat protein.

Chickpea flour Pancakes is a very popular recipe result on Google search. On this quiet Wednesday, I decide to try it out. Turns out, they are delicious. Not savoury nor sweet, the chickpea flour pancake pairs delightfully with maple syrup and bananas or say,  something savoury such as smoked salmon and goat cheese.

Here’s how to make them. Beat an egg; add ¾ cup of milk or water, ¾ cup of chickpea flour, a pinch of salt and mix. There’s your batter. Now heat a pan (best to use non-stick), add a bit of vegetable oil and start making your pancakes. When you see the little bubbles, it’s time to flip them. Feel free to eat some along the way; there is enough batter for plenty of errors and snacks. 20121206-102845.jpg

Once you have three baseball sized pancakes, smear some goat cheese over them. Feel free to use yogurt, crème fraiche, sour cream, or any other type of cheese instead.


Next step is to top each pancake with some smoked salmon or gravlax. Zest some lemon, sprinkle some black pepper and chop up some chives for garnish.


I make a small salad to go along with my pancakes. I use a mandolin to shave thin slices of Ontario radish, carrot and apple. I squeeze a lemon over it, drizzle some honey and top with black pepper and chives.


As I sit down to eat my meal I begin to think of spelt flour, kamut flour, bran flower, corn flour. I think I’m onto something. Before I know it, another meal alone is over.


All done!


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