Wintery Kale Salad

Did you know that you can eat raw kale? Let me rephrase. Did you know that you might enjoy eating raw kale? Besides maintaining a reputation of a considerably healthy food, kale actually tastes good, raw. A big squeeze of lemon and a little shower of salt make it so. The trick is, once you have lemon and salt on the leaves, you have to give them a little massage to soften them up (just like me).

I made this salad for a friend the other night and she loved it so much she made it for herself every subsequent night until she ran out of kale (she had a lot). I made a slightly different version today with persimmon, scallions, black sesame seeds* and goat cheese. It took a leisurely 5 minutes to prepare.

I bundle up the Kale and cut it horizontally so that I get thin strippy leaves. It’s ok to tear the kale leaves right off their rib too. I squeeze a half a lemon tightly and sprinkle a pinch of salt that is held between all my fingers and my thumb. My best advice is to taste as you go. If you think you need more lemon, you probably do, same goes with salt and olive oil. I used a mandolin to slice the persimmon really thin. I do this because they look like big orange moons in my salad and they slither around in my mouth. If you don’t have a mandolin, just chop ‘em up any which way. Throw some goat cheese, chop up some scallion and drizzle some good olive oil, some honey and sprinkle any seed or nut for some crunch.

This salad is earthy from the kale, the goat cheese gives some creamy tanginess, the seeds give it the crunch, the citrus wakes up your tastes buds and the persimmon and honey add the sweetness. Grab a big slice of buttery toast to go alongside and put on some Bob Dylan.


All done!

Other variations of the Kale salad:
-Dried cranberries, walnuts, chives
-avocado, cashews, pomegranate
-corn, feta, red pepper

*black roasted sesame seeds can be found at most Asian grocers


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