Being Alone

I am 27. I live in the city. I love to cook. Due to my recent past, I have found myself eating alone more often. At first, eating alone was really difficult. Instead of enjoying meals and nourishing my body I was mitigating my hunger. I found it hard to make the time to sit like a civilized person and experience the taste and textures of my meal. Rather, I would shovel down a big bowl of something that was thrown together in minutes. I changed the way I approached my meals. At one time a chore, I now consider eating alone to be an art form.

My method of cooking is inspired by a book called The Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler. Her approach to cooking is simple. With some good olive oil and fresh ingredients, creating tasty dishes can be easy, no recipe necessary. I was born with the skill of knowing how many glugs of oil to put in the pan, how many shakes of salt to sprinkle, and how to apply heat to food to make it better (instead of killing it). My goal is to instruct anyone to do the same in the context of eating alone.

I recommend this blog to the recently heart broken, to the college student, to the post work loner, or to any one that needs help putting some random items in their fridge together for a healthy, comforting meal.


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